Why We Sing


Dolores Zacconi, Alto:

“Music unites the world. I make music. Therefore, I unite the world. That’s what joyfully singing with the SF Choral Society means to me.”

Robert Geary, Artistic Director:

“Every time we sing, we change the world. Where there was not sound, there is. Where there was not human expression, there is. That’s a simple truth about a wonderful, physical and surface level change….Our singing is part of our search to find the truth. Through it we delve into the incongruities, paradoxes, and riddles; and we explore beauty, wonder, sadness, joy, and the many other mysteries of our humanity.”

Chesley Herbert, Bass:

“The Choral Society is a wonderful source of joy–joy from making beautiful music together, from having a connection with great choral music which has been sung over the centuries, from working to master singing techniques, and from sharing the music with others in performances.  The rehearsals are a highlight of my week and a delightful break from the routine of life.  Perhaps the Choral Society can be the same for you.”

Jeanette Atherton, Soprano:

“At the very heart of it, I am a Chorus Geek. Let’s break that down. Being a member of SF Choral involves my personal, physical need to make music:  The actual, physical act of using my body to be musical is imperative to my survival. And then you must add the gratifying, psychological, social act of doing this together with other Chorus people (I won’t presume to call us all Chorus Geeks). As a Chorus Geek, the experience of performing at my best as well as in close connection with my fellow performers probably produces some chemical in my brain that allows me to be a little less geeky during the rest of my life…maybe.”