New Music


A message from Sydni L. Roberson  /  Chair, New Music Committee, and Past President, Board of Directors

Once upon a time, the important responsibility of commissioning new music was held by clerics and princes, kings and queens, wealthy benefactors and powerful patrons.  These days, ordinary music lovers like you and me may be part of creating the music which helps us come to terms with the world in which we live.  We can pool our resources, no matter how modest, and ensure that the composers of our time are supported and encouraged to compose the works of today that will speak to future generations about the issues of import to us.

On the heels of our ambitious and wildly successful oratorio project with Stacy Garrop, Terra Nostra, world premiered by the San Francisco Choral Society in 2015, we are embarking on a multi-year, multi-piece project with varied composers that will explore and illuminate contemporary social, political, and spiritual topics.  We have received pledges so far of more than $24,000 committed over the next three years to fund this project.  To bring it to fruition, we would like to secure additional commitments to total $60,000 over the next three years.  We are more than one-third of the way there!  You are invited to be part of this exciting project!

Warren Buffett has said, “Writing a check separates conviction from conversation.”  Please join the San Francisco Choral Society, the New Music Committee and our other donors in affirming our conviction that choral music is essential for shining a bright light into our hearts and our heads, bringing us together to explore our world.

All contributions and pledges will be welcomed and sincerely appreciated, regardless of amount.  Thank you!


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Our past commissions include Emma Lou Diemer’s Songs for the Earth in 2005, Felicia Sandler’s Time Does Not Bring Relief in 2006, Mark Winges’s pax penetralis in 2007, Donald McCullough’s Contraries:  The Human Condition in 2009, and Olli Kortekangas’s Seven Songs for Planet Earth (West Coast premiere in 2011), all commissioned or co-commissioned by the San Francisco Choral Society.