Key contacts

reaches Alan Kleinschmidt, if you have questions about rehearsal attendance, concert tickets, schedules, venues, arranging carpools or rides, lost and found, rehearsal conduct, auditioning, buying scores or chorus concert CDs, ushering at concerts, mailing or distributing flyers, program advertising, working for dues, free concert tickets for junior high or high school students.

reaches Bob Geary, if you have questions about repertoire, interpretation, sharing congratulatory messages after our concerts, sharing videos, sharing opportunities to attend other groups’ concerts or performances, sharing opportunities to join other choral groups.

Please ask the section leaders for your voice part (email addresses follow) any questions
you have about pronunciation, notes, tempo, dynamics, breath marks, measure
numbers, and solfège. If you haven’t yet, please send your email address to your
section leaders, because they maintain separate email lists to send specific
information just to your section.

reaches all soprano section leaders.
reaches all alto section leaders.
reaches all tenor section leaders.
reaches all bass section leaders.

reaches the concert performance marshals, including for questions about concert attire, sight lines, and chorus layout onstage.

reaches the president of the Board of Directors, if you have an issue you would like the board to consider or if you would like to attend a board meeting.
if you would like to learn about becoming a member of the board of directors or to volunteer on a board committee or help with a specific event.
for questions about subscribing to, unsubscribing from, or changing your email address on the SF Choral Yahoo group email list.
for questions about accessing the Members Only Area, questions about how to use the website or practice files, proposing additions or changes to the website, or questions about buying commercial CDs through the website.
for questions about shopping to benefit the chorus via Amazon,
GoodShop, or Community Thrift.
if you’d like to make a donation to the chorus, the New Music Fund or participate in the Producers’ Circle.
for questions about logo clothing or black concert folders.
for questions about donating to the Silent Auction.

If you cannot figure out where to send your question, please email it to .

If you cannot figure out where to send a message for proposed distribution to the group,
please email it to . Please use the subject line “SF Choral Group List Message for Approval.”