Getting Connected

To subscribe to our email list for members, send a blank email message from the address you’d like to use to receive important SF Choral information. You will receive an automated response asking you to confirm that you intended to subscribe. Just hit reply, and then hit send (don’t worry about the message text). If it worked, you will receive an automated message welcoming you to the list. (Use the box on the right-hand side of this page to sign up for the mails we send to friends and fans to promote upcoming concerts and share other news.)



For key staff e-mail addresses and help with specific questions concerning rehearsals, concert schedules and other activities, see this list.

How We Use the Member Email List

The SF Choral Yahoo Group Email List comprises more than 500 current and former SF Choral members. The list is the main channel for communicating official chorus business to chorus members. Chorus members are required to be on the list whenever they are registered to sing. List members should be able to feel confident that all emails they receive from the group contain information relevant to them as chorus members.
From time to time, list members may have information they wish to share with all of the other list members. Only Authorized Members are able to post messages directly to the email group list. Authorized Members include staff members, section leaders, concert performance marshals, and designated chorus committee members. An individual member with a message to share with the group must send the message first to an Authorized Member for approval. If the Authorized Member approves the message as appropriate for group distribution, then the Authorized Member will forward the message to the group. Whether you have a proposed message you would like distributed to the entire group, or if you have a more focused question or comment, please send it to the appropriate chorus email address for the subject matter. If it is a proposed message you would like distributed to the group, please also include the subject line “SF Choral Group List Message for Approval.”