At Concerts


  • Rehearsals with orchestra (and, in many cases, soloists) are scheduled for the week before the concert. These final rehearsals are very important and every effort should be made to attend them both. If you miss these rehearsals, you may have to miss singing in the concert. Orchestra rehearsal and concert week information will be provided just before each concert. Any restrictions and regulations of the venue will be strictly enforced.
  • Black folders or a black cover for your music is required for performances. Make sure your music is securely bound, that pages turn noiselessly, and that passages where the chorus does not sing are paper-clipped together.
  • Concert Attire — Our goal is to create a cohesive appearance without resorting to uniforms. Singers should dress so that they do not stand out. Section Leaders are responsible for ensuring that their section is dressed properly. If you show up for a concert inappropriately dressed, you will be asked to move to an inconspicuous place or may have to miss singing in the concert. If you have questions about what to wear, ask your Section Leader.
  • Concert Attire for Men: Click here
  • Concert Attire for Women: Click here