For Members

Welcome everyone!

This is a friendly and unpretentious organization. Members, please feel free to ask questions, make your needs known, and above all enjoy the great music we make. At rehearsals, please look for new faces, introduce yourself, answer questions, and make new members feel welcome. And remember! Singing is good for your health and for your happiness.

Getting connected

Be sure to sign up for the members’ email list. For a complete list of email contacts to address any specific issues you may have, click here.

Please follow us on Twitter and “like” our page on Facebook. And then please share widely our own posts and your own updates about upcoming performances with your friends, family and followers.

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Rehearsing and Performing

We normally rehearse Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. For the latest complete schedule and locations, click here.

Please come early enough to sign in, take care of business matters, and be in your seat and ready to sing by the stated time. For information about attendance expectations and how we make the most productive use of our time, click here

For more information about concert weeks, attire and comportment, click here.

Many of you like to purchase recordings of works we perform. We post Robert Geary’s suggestions on this page.

The current roster of singers is available here, but you’ll need a password to access it. If you are a currently registered singer, email for the password.

For most works performed, we make music practice files available. For some works, we also supply diction practice files. You’ll need a username and a password to access the files. If you are a currently registered singer, email for the password.

For registration forms and other useful forms, click here.

A complete history of past concerts, programs and guest artists is available here.